New Lineages of Life Symposium


Event Date

Hilton, San Francisco 333 O'Farrell Street San Francisco, California 94102

Symposium Goals

Metagenomic and single-cell sequence data have provided a means to access “microbial dark matter” (MDM), leading to a new appreciation for the extent of diversity. A bonanza of novel microbial lineages have been identified in recent years and we are currently challenged with how to phylogenetically and functionally characterize this novel diversity.

This symposium will provide an overview of the bacterial, archaeal and microeukaryote diversity cataloged and taxonomically classified to date. Under the “sequence to function’ umbrella, this symposium will further focus on computational approaches to characterize MDM and sequence novelty and experimental approaches to assign functional “read out” to sequence data. Moving from cataloging microbial diversity to experimental characterization and validation of the functional potential of these new lineages will provide new cornerstones for research in the areas of bioenergy and biomedicine, as well as biotechnology.

UC Davis Professors Dawn Sumner (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences) and Jonathan Eisen (Department of Evolution and Ecology)  will also be participating in the symposium giving talks on "New Insights into the Evolution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis from the Metagenomes of Novel Cyanobacteria and Melainabacteria Living in Antarctic Lakes" (Sumner) and "The Twisted Tree of Life Awards: Why We Should Care About Misrepresentations of the Tree of Life" (Eisen). Be sure to register!

Early bird registration ends January 14, 2019.

See the NeLLi 2019 agenda here and registration here.