Microbiome Seminar: Tiny Earth Network and Diversity of Microorganisms

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Room 3001, Plant and Environmental Sciences Building

EnidEnid Gonzalez-Orta, Ph.D.

Dr. Gonzalez-Orta is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and the Director of the Science Educational Equity Program at Sacramento State.  She is dedicated to causes and programs that advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, including outreach to diverse youth in the greater Sacramento area through the 4-H On the Wild Side Program.  

Dr. Gonzalez-Orta will be giving a seminar on the Tiny Earth Network and her Diversity of Microorganisms class. 

The Tiny Earth Network, based out of the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery, is an international effort led by scientists to address two critical challenges facing our world today:  

  1. Training and retention of diverse undergraduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines
  2. The rise of antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic bacteria

Sacramento State is proud to be part of the Tiny Earth Network, and the curriculum is currently implemented in BIO 145:  Diversity of Microorganisms. Professor Gonalzez-Orta's lab continues to catalog and study unusual antibiotic-producing bacteria that are found by students in this course. 



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