Microbiome Special Research Program

UC Davis


The effect of low levels of Cytomegalovirus on microbe and immune cell populations

August 07, 2018

Professor and Chair  Satya dandekar of the Medical Microbiology and Immunology Department, revealed her team's findings of the effect that low levels of cytomegalovirus have on microbe and immune cell populations and their response to the influenza vaccine. 

"Subclinical CMV infection alters the immune system and the gut microbiota in the host and that impacts how we respond to vaccines, environmental stimuli and pathogens" said Professor Dandekar.

"This study highlights the role of these silent, latent viral infections that are totally asymptomatic" she added.

Record Number of UC Davis Startups for 2017-18

August 01, 2018

By Lisa Howard

The University of California, Davis, enabled the foundation of 16 commercial companies during the fiscal year ending June 30, an all-time high for the university. This brings the total number of startups made possible by UC Davis technologies during the past 10 years to 137.