About Us

The Microbiome SRP is designed to leverage and build upon the broad and deep expertise in microbiome science across the university. The program represents a concerted effort to increase the competitiveness of microbiome research teams, enhance communication and training on microbiome-related topics and raise the profile and impact of microbiome research at UC Davis.


  • Elevate the status of UC Davis as a world leader in integrative microbiome work through the development of a hub to coordinate and organize efforts in microbiome research across all UC Davis Colleges and Schools


  • Strategically leverage the unique strengths of UC Davis to bring together all topical areas such as:
    • Agriculture and food, environment and energy, human and animal health
  • Increase integrative efforts that bring together researchers spanning multiple disciplines
  • Coordinate interdisciplinary efforts for this national initiative, increasing industry and foundation support over the next few years