Microbiome Graduate Research Award

Application period closed

The Microbiome Special Research Program aims to support the next generation of microbiome scientists by providing graduate students with funds needed to carry out their innovative microbiome research projects. With the Microbiome Graduate Research Awards, students are able to offset some of the costs associated with their research such as sample collection, core services and even publication costs as long as it related directly with their microbiome research. 


  • Be a registered graduate student at UC Davis at the time of the research award application
  • Plan to remain enrolled at UC Davis for a minimum of 12 months immediately following receiving the award

Award Details

Students may utilize grant funds only while students at UC Davis. Should students graduate or otherwise depart the University prior to completion of the project and/or expenditure of funds, funds must be returned to the Microbiome Special Research Program.

Awards will not fund projects/expenses that do not directly relate to the applicant's research, nor will they fund seminars/skills-building not related to the dissertation or overall scholarly project. Awards are for a twelve-month period (beginning from the date funds are awarded) and require that a short final report be submitted at the end of the award period.