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Microbiome Centers – Input Wanted

July 15, 2019

Originally posted in by Program Director Jonathan Eisen. 

Compiling a list of Microbiome Centers from the US and elsewhere. I had previously done this and have no made a new effort in part in association with a meeting of Microbiome Centers organized by Jen Hughes Martiny and others of the UC Irvine Microbiome Initiative. I would love suggestions for other centers to add to this list and any edits or corrections to this list.

Robot Arm Tastes With Engineered Bacteria

June 26, 2019


By Andy Fell

A robotic gripping arm that uses engineered bacteria to “taste” for a specific chemical has been developed by engineers at the University of California, Davis, and Carnegie Mellon University. The gripper is a proof-of-concept for biologically-based soft robotics. 

Graduate Student Nick Jensen Awarded The Danone North America Fellowship Grant

May 06, 2019

Nick Jensen is a graduate student in the Microbiology Graduate Group working in the laboratory of Professor David Mills. Nick’s research focuses on the genomic and ecological basis of carbohydrate metabolism in beneficial microbes such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus