Environmental Health Sciences Seminar Presents: A Science Seminar Series

Seminar by the Environmental Health Sciences Core. Speakers include Professors Pamela Lein "The effects of near roadway exposure on Alzheimer's disease phenotypes in a genetically susceptible animal model", and Melanie Gareau "Developmental neurotoxiant exposure and host microbe interactions".
  • RM 2202, Genome Center
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Microbiome Seminar: MIND Institute

Seminar by the MIND Institute - The microbiota, gut, and brain in Neurodevelopment Disorders and Autism: Integrating Chemistry, Ecology and Physiology.
  • MIND Institute Auditorium, 2825 50th Street, Sacramento, CA
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Phase Genomics Lunch and Learn Seminar

Phase Genomics creates genome and metagenome assemblies by using proximity ligation (Hi-C) to measure the physical structure of DNA molecules in vivo, enabling chromosome-level genome scaffolding and SV detection, whole-chromosome phasing, and microbiome discovery.  Phase Genomics offers an easy way to apply the power of Hi-C to your genomic and metagenomic projects.  Come to this seminar to learn more.
  • Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility, Auditorium Room 1005
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