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The emergence of microbiome centers

I am happy to announce the publication of a new paper from a group of people, myself included, about the "Emergence of Microbiome Centers."

See Martiny JBH, Whiteson K, Bohannan B, David L, Hynson N, McFall-Ngai M, Rawls J, Schmidt T, Abdo Z, Blaser M, Bordenstein S, Bréchot C, Bull C, Dorrestein P, Eisen JA , Garcia-Pichel E, Gilbert J, Hofmockel K, Holtz M, Knight R, Welch DM, McDonald D, Methe B, Mouncey N, Mueller N, Pfister C, Proctor L, Sachs J. The emergence of microbiome centres. Nat Microbiol 5, 2–3 (2020) doi:10.1038/s41564-019-0644-x

This paper emerged largely from a meeting held at UC Irvine recently where many people (I represented the UC Davis Microbiome SRP at the meeting) who are involved in running microbiome focused organizations (e.g., centers) in the US got together to discuss opportunities and challenges for such organizations. 

For more information about this emerging organization of centers (the Microbiome Centers Consortium) see http://microbiomecenters.org/


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