Maeli Melotto

Maeli Melotto

Position Title
Associate Professor

Plant Sciences


We focus on discovering microbial traits that contribute to Salmonella enterica fitness in the phyllosphere, in collaboration with Dr. Michael McClelland’s research group at UC Irvine.

Current projects: 

  • Molecular mechanisms of human bacterial pathogens internalization and survival in leafy vegetables (funded by the Center of Produce Safety, Henry A. Jastro Research Award, and USDA-NIFA-AFRI)
  • Cell-type immune response in Arabidopsis (funded by NIAID and Henry A. Jastro Research Award)
  • Genetic resistance in crop plants (funded by CAPES, CNPq, and the UC Davis-FAPESP SPRINT program

Current teaching: 

  • Microbiology and Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables; PLS 174 (fall quarter, even years)
  • Growth and Yield of Cultivated Plants; PLS 100B (winter quarter)
  • Research Perspective in Horticulture; HRT 203 (winter quarter)
  • Scientific Writing Seminar; PLS 290 (spring quarter)