Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan

Yvonne Wan

Position Title
Professor & Vice Chair of Research

  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine


  • Study the role of gut microbiota in contributing to and preventing obesity and metabolism-associated health issues including fatty liver, systemic inflammation, skin disease, mental and neurological issues, and cancer aiming to uncover means for treatment.
  • Study the beneficial effects of vitamins and natural products such as chemicals derived from tea, β-carotene, milk, or fermentation-generated metabolites.
  • Study the effect of gut microbiota in regulating bile acid synthesis that in turn affects metabolism, insulin sensitivity, immunity, inflammation, and cancer formation or prevention.

Active Research Grants

  • NIH, NCI (1 R01 CA222490-01) 2018-2023
    Liver Cancer Therapy by MiR-22 and Its Inducers
    Role: PI
  • NIH, NCI (1 U01 CA179582-03A1) 2014-2019
    The Role of Probiotic Bididobacteria and Bile Acid Metabolism in Carcinogenesis
    Role: Lead PI
  • NIH, SC3 GM125546 2018-2022 Effect of Western Diet in Gastrointestinal Cancer by NMR Metabolomics
    PI: Krish Krishnan, California State University Fresno
    Role: Co-investigator
  • National Psoriasis Foundation 2018-2019
    An experimental mouse model to understand the pathological role of high fat,
    high sugar (Western) diet in psoriasiform dermatitis
    PI: Samuel Hwang, UC Davis
    My Role: Co-investigator

Microbiome Publications

  • Sheng L, Jena PK, Liu HX, Hu Y, Nidhi N, Bronner DN, Matthew LS, Bäumler AJ, Wan Y-J. (2018) Obesity treatment by epigallocatechin-3-gallate-regulated bile acid signaling and its enriched Akkermansia muciniphila. FASEB J. June 8, PMID: 29882708.
  • Jena PK, Sheng L, Nagar N, Wu C, Barile D, Mills D, Wan Y-J. (2018) The effect of synbiotics Synbiotics Bifidobacterium infantis and milk oligosaccharides on shaping gut microbiota community structure and NASH treatment (2018) Data in Brief, The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 2018 Aug; 19: 1025–1029, PMCID: PMC5997954; PMID: 29900399
  • Jena PK, Sheng L, Nagar N, Wu C, Barile D, Mills D, Wan Y-J. (2018) Synbiotics Bifidobacterium infantis and milk oligosaccharides are effective in reversing cancer-prone nonalcoholic steatohepatitis using western diet-fed FXR knockout mouse models. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 57:246-254 PMID: 29800811, PMCID: PMC6015547
  • Jena PK, Sheng L, Lucente JD, Jin L-W, Maezawa I, Wan Y-J. (2018) Dysregulated bile acid synthesis and dysbiosis are implicated in Western diet-induced systemic inflammation, microglial activation, and reduced neuroplasticity. FASEB J, 32 (5):2866-2877, PMID: 29401580, PMCID: PMC5901391
  • Sheng L, Jena PK, Hu Y, Liu HX, Nagar N, Kalanetra K, French SW, French SW, Mills D, Wan Y-J. (2017) Hepatic inflammation caused by dysregulated bile acid synthesis is reversible by butyrate supplementation. Journal of Pathology, 243(4):431-441, PMID: 28892150, PMCID: PMC5953422
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  • Liu H-X, Rocha CS, Dandekar S, Wan Y-J. (2016) Functional analysis of the relationship between intestinal microbiota and the expression of hepatic genes and pathways during the course of liver regeneration. Journal of Hepatology, 64(3): 641-50. PMID: 26453969, PMCID: PMC4761311. (March issue Journal highlights).
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