Food & Agriculture

New Packaging Aims to Prevent Produce Spoilage

January 09, 2019

By Andy Fell

There’s an old saying that “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel.” But that may no longer be the case thanks to new materials being developed by UC Davis researchers to line produce bins and for reusable packaging.

The goal is to produce plastics that both repel bacteria and reduce food-spoilage microbes. The antimicrobial activity comes from chlorine bound to the plastic. It would be recharged by rinsing with a bleach solution.

Seaweed Additives for Methane Reduction in Cows

July 02, 2018

Cattle make a major contribution to the methane production on earth and UC Davis Animal Science researcher Ermias Kebreab has been studying for more than a decade on how to reduce those emissions. The article by Judith Lewis Mernit at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies discusses the findings of Kebreab and how he reduced methane production in a cow by 58% using seaweed. See "How Eating Seaweed Can Help Cows to Belch Less Methane" for more.