Seminar: Loop Genomics LoopSeq™ single-molecule long-read sequencing

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Room 3001, Plant and Environmental Sciences

TuvalMicrobiome Seminar Series

CEO & Founder Dr. Tuval Yehezkel of Loop Genomics will be giving a talk titled "LoopSeq™ single-molecule long-read sequencing" and will discuss their sequencing technologies. 


“The advent of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has revolutionized our ability to read the genetic code, bringing about tremendous progress in our understanding of how biology is encoded in DNA and in medical diagnostics. However, while the throughput of NGS has improved by orders of magnitude compared to Sanger sequencing, NGS is limited to reading DNA in short segments of 150-300 nucleotides at a time. Biology, unfortunately, is not encoded in stretches of 150 nucleotides, but in much longer segments of DNA and RNA spanning many thousands of nucleotides.

Loop Genomics has developed a synthetic long read sequencing technology that leverages existing Illumina short read sequencers coupled with LoopSeq™ barcoding technology to enable single-molecule, long-read sequencing on any Illumina infrastructure. 

In this talk we will explore LoopSeq™ sequencing technology and how it is applied to provide additional, previously inaccessible layers of information from Illumina sequencer for a wide variety of sequencing applications as diverse as Microbiome, Transcriptome, Targeted Amplicons and others.”


Jose Franco,

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